Espy Law is a boutique law firm that specializes in employment law on behalf of employees only.


Christopher Espy has almost 15 years of legal experience. Mr. Espy previously worked at the largest plaintiff firm in the handled hundreds of individual and collective action employment cases on behalf of workers in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Espy Law exclusively-represents employees. This includes everyone from the minimum wage factory worker to salaried executives. The firm does not represent employers.

Everyone deserves a workplace free of discrimination and harassment. Everyone deserves to be paid properly for work performed. The law requires it.

Lots of workers experience employment issues every day. Most are uncertain of what their rights are, many fear contacting an attorney because they lack resources to hire an attorney. Espy Law seeks to make the legal process accessible and affordable for the average worker to promote fairness in dealing with their respective employer.

No matter is too small for a free initial consultation. Espy Law often accepts cases on a contingency fee basis. In some cases, relevant law requires the employer to pay your attorney’s fees and costs.

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